Blood Oranges Dipped in Salt

Blood Oranges Dipped in Salt

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Stories woven around family photos and recollections, patiently collected over a lifetime of intimate conversations. Occupying a time span of over 400 years to the present day, the events cover a geography of three continents:  from Jugha, Dilijan and Yerevan in Armenia to Salmas, Isfahan and Tehran in Iran;  to Leeds and Appleby, England and finally Toronto, Canada.

The book, reflects the history of the Armenians of Iran from the perspective of the author’s own family. The stories bear witness to a minority cultural with a monumental history that has experienced generations of loss, displacement, migration, immigration and assimilation.

In the book I have tried to bring a sense of ‘here and now’, creating a tangible link from the past to the present whilst trying still to retain the spirit and survival of the original tales:  the story is the most precious heirloom, and the easiest to carry.

Blood Oranges Dipped in Salt is published in hardback by The Wild Pansy Press 2012.


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