Me and Banksy - Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Me and Banksy - Tanya Lloyd Kyi

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“I walk slowly through the school, dodging groups of kids as they arrive. I’m looking for new spots to tag… where should I paint next? The girl's bathroom? The boys? Those are surveillance-free zones. And I know there aren’t cameras in the locker rooms. I’m turning into a criminal. I have to stop myself from smiling again. 

Dominica's private school is covered in cameras, and someone is hacking into them and posting embarrassing moments for the whole school to see. Like Ana picking her nose. When Dominica quickly changes her shirt from inside out in what she thinks is the privacy of a quiet corner in the library, she's shocked -- and embarrassed -- to discover a video has captured this and is currently circulating amongst her schoolmates. So mortifying, especially since over the past three years, they've had a half-dozen school talks about social media safety.

Who has access to the school security cameras and why are they doing this? Dominica and her best friends, Holden and Saanvi, are determined to find out, and in the process start an art-based student campaign against cameras in the classroom.

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