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In Niche you will be trying to play all the cards from your hand and score the longest lines.

Players - 2 to 6 / Duration - 20 minutes / Age - 10+

You start with a hand of seven cards and each will be one of nine types. The last card played will restrict what you can put down and you are further restricted as identical cards can never appear in the same line. now you just need to find the best place to put the card you are allowed to play to score the most points.

An excellent game to play in a mixed age group as small children can compete with adults with plenty of opportunities to block and confound your opponents.



Andy Hopwood has been designing games since he was a teenager, he did this just for fun and his friends and family were his only, exclusive, audience. In 2009, inspired by a desire to do something for his son’s school, he took the plunge to self-publish Niche.

 Mijnlieff soon followed and when it won the award for best abstract game at the UK Games Expo in 2010 it dawned on him that all those years of thinking about games had actually made a difference.

Since then he has self published a dozen games. Zoom Zoom Kaboom won the award for best Board Game (UK Expo 2012), Dodekka was published by Coiled Spring Games and most recently Daring Dustbunnies won the Judges award for Best Family Game (UK Expo 2021).

Andy’s approach to design starts with the mechanics and his mantra is “Laugh, Think and Swear”. In other words if a game design can inspire people to make sounds of joy (yesss), deep thought (hmmmm) and frustration (argh!) then it’s having an effect on the world.

He has self-published most of his games because he really wants people to play them. He is also very happy to work with larger publishers to bring his ideas to a wider audience.

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