Patrick Samuel  - Distant Star

Patrick Samuel - Distant Star

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Distant Star was born on December 23rd, 2018 whilst on a train to London from Folkestone. During that journey, my autistic brain travelled the galaxy and beyond the Milky Way as I tried to connect with my late father who’d been gone for more than 6 years. As I wondered where in the universe his essence might be, I dreamt of the magic I could use to reach him and speak to him again. Unlike most fathers, mine was a sorcerer and metaphysician and he shared his Grand Grimoire with me at a young age.

In a short space of time, I wrote and produced 19 demos that would form the backbone of this album. I dipped into my long-standing love for all things goth and post-punk, and for the first time committed my voice to record. I was a little beyond my comfort zone, but with these songs, I never felt closer to my father.

I’ve also never been more honest with myself about the things I’ve struggled with; love, loneliness, trauma, relationships, employment and existentialism are all explored here. These songs sit alongside autistic anthems, calls to action and spells to help us overcome isolation, doing harm and running away from the things we want most in life; connection and meaning.

This album would not be possible without so many people who’ve either helped or inspired me. I dedicate it to my father who shared his magic with me and I’d like to thank my partner in crime, Uwe, my sister Sabrina and my mom. I’d also like to thank my best friends Tom, Mark, Isabel and James for being in my life. For their support and friendship, thank you to Lisa, Cassandra, Kim and last but not least, Stacey and Paul at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield. And a very special thank you to Robin Jax and Tiergarten Records for believing in me.

As a member of the neurodiverse community, I hope that each day we get one step closer to a better world as we continue to share our experiences and inspire each other and the world at large to make those changes.

released August 16, 2019

All songs written and produced by Patrick Samuel

Patrick Samuel: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, violin, xylophone, harmonica, flute and tambourine

Isabel Aguiar: electric guitar (Death Cult), backing vocals (Witchcraft)

Cassandra Nelson: vocals (Binding Ritual)


Patrick Samuel is a neurodiverse interdisciplinary musician and artist, public speaker and autism rights advocate.

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