Romanian wine - Budureasca Origini Reserve Red Wine

Romanian wine - Budureasca Origini Reserve Red Wine

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2013 Harvest: Gold at Mundus Vini 2016 Silver at Mondialde Bruxelles 2016, IWSC Londra 2016, Hong Konk IWSC 2015

General Information:

  • Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon (34%), Shiraz (50%), Merlot (16%)
  • Dry: 1,50 g/l
  • Harvest: 2013
  • Vineyard: Dealu Mare
  • Quality level: DOC-CMD
  • Alcoholic Concentration (% vol): 14,5
  • Total Acidity (g/l in tartric acid): 5,05

Harvest Year

  • Rainfall: 305 mm during vegetation period
  • Temperature: annual average – 11,3 °C
  • Sunlight: 1610 hours during vegetation period
  • Vegetation: 210 days
  • Production: 7 t/ha


The best parcels were selected to pick these varieties from. Fermentation took place at 26-28* C, for 25 to 30 days in order to extract the tannins and aromas from grape skins. The aging took one year in American oak and afterwards best barrels were selected in order to give this perfect balanced cuvee.
Tasting Notes
Dark red in colour with aromas of black cherries. A well balanced wine with taste of plums with soft and delicate tannins giving its velvety aftertaste.
Food Pairing
May be associated with spicy dishes: stakes, grills and matured cheese. Serving Temperature: 18-20˚C.

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