Romanian Blueberry Liqueur SABER Elyzia

Romanian Blueberry Liqueur SABER Elyzia

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SABER Elyzia doesn’t fall far from the tree, nor do its exquisite, fruity flavours. It’s crafted using an old and still secret recipe that elevates the best; from the fruity sensations to the sweetness of the liqueur itself.

It’s an exceptional infusion of fruitiness and sweetness, crafted and refined with the most advanced methods in liqueur production whilst using only high-quality, hand-selected whole fresh fruits.

  • Saber Elyzia is a Romanian liqueur and contains whole blueberries
  • Only the best fruits are read by hand
  • Traditional production defines the balanced, exquisite and exceptional taste
  • 500 ml bottle (50cl)
  • 25% volume.

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