The Courtesy Group - Tradesman's Entrance

The Courtesy Group - Tradesman's Entrance

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'The performance poet Al Hutchins ... push the Courtesy Group's mixture of fragmented Beefheart licks, Fall-inspired lyrical splurge and grinding low-end dirge beyond Birmingham's No 11 bus route..." (Stewart Lee)

This comes in a stylish CD digipak format, with artwork by Paul Gray and Dave Cochrane, including a front cover by esteemed Magnum photographer Craig Hutchins, especially for fans of close-up photography of housing association gas fires ! Last few copies available of The Courtesy Group's limited edition debut album.

Track listing:

1. Questret 03:36
2. The Acts Of Distance 02:59
3. By The Time I Finish My Sentence 03:48
4. Bup’s 4 Every (Loud Chicken) 01:19
5. Mirrors R Us 04:46
6. The Oldest Barter 05:03
7. The New Beef 03:02
8. They Say The Messenger Is Always Shot Not Seeing He Has Eyes To Read 03:15
9. (Some Of Them Ran Malice) Like A Late Night Filmshow 04:19
10. You And Your Grinding Service 01:41
11. Neither Heads 00:49
12. Less Old Air 04:23
13. Lostless 07:52
14. It’s Not Hearsay….It Was There! 01:45

Released October 12, 2009

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