Vincent Slegers/Tim Holehouse - Split

Vincent Slegers/Tim Holehouse - Split

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Tim Holehouse (Portsmouth , UK) has toured the globe constantly for the last 15 years doing between 250-300 a year and has toured almost every country in Europe, Iceland, Japan, Australia, USA and Canada (to name a few). He has also put out 17 albums, many splits and EPs.

His inspiration is coming from a variety of sources from Punk, Hardcore, Blues, Jazz, Country, Experimental music, Heavy Metal and even Electronic music (good music is good music right?). He is not very keen to be boxed in as a song writer or certain style. Each album has a different take on his personality and the music is very much written from the heart about subjects he either is interested in or his personal experiences.

Vincent Slegers - as a solo musician brings original songs, rooted in the tradition of primitive and primal American music, with a penchant for the darker side of things. with his trusted - and equally rusted - vintage National guitar he´ll pull you in to a world of gloomy soundscapes where hardship and hope go hand in hand.

Their split album offers five songs from each of the musicians: two new tunes, one live track, an instrumental, and cover of St James Infirmary.

Track list:

Vincent Sledgers

1. Gotta Quit 2:57
2. Keepin’ Down Demons 3:01
3. Gotta Quit (Live) 3:06
4. Rain And Thunder Blues 1:58
5. St. James Infirmary 4:05

Tim Holehouse

6. Vince A Vintage Year 2:57
7. Long Road To Nowhere 2:58
8. Skeleton / Deliverance 3:18
9. Desert Winds 2:32
10. St. James Infirmary 5:27

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